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Bail Bonds in Clearwater, FL

As a company established in the bail bonding industry for almost seven decades, Clearwater Bonding Agency has earned an unparalleled reputation.
We are the company that most people call when they need to get out of jail after an arrest, and our professionals are trusted to provide you with the appropriate bond and help with the bail process.
Open Cell — Bail Bonds in Clearwater, FL
Clearwater Bonding Agency has had only three owners since the doors were opened in 1945. Current owner Judy Cox-Stines has more than three decades of experience in this industry. She is committed to helping you and is happy to explain the details involved in the bonding process. When you need a friend, call Clearwater Bonding Agency.
We work with courts locally and nationwide and we have a proven track record of speedy service. Let us handle your situation promptly 24 hours a day. When necessary, we appear at court proceedings and we are completely familiar with the laws and holding procedures of the property you provided for collateral. Therefore, we see to it that your property is returned quickly once your bond is exonerated by the court.